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The Vocabulary Carnival at SEMANTiCS 2018 is a unique opportunity for vocabulary publishers to showcase and share their work. For this event we use a very open definition of what a vocabulary is. Ontologies, classifications, thesauri, concept and metadata schemes, whatever their format, in RDF or not, are all welcome.

Your vocabulary submission will be evaluated how it meets the following criteria: Reusability, value addition, design and technical quality, documentation, availability and usage. See for more.


Present at SEMANTiCS 2017 Conference
  • Prepare a poster (max format A0) presenting your vocabulary: description, purpose, history and link to its publication page. Your description of the vocabulary must include the above criteria.
  • Present your poster in the dedicated space at SEMANTiCS conference.
  • Brace yourself to participate in the Vocabulary Minute Madness, where every vocabulary will have one minute to convince of its usefulness and quality. Sporting your vocabulary colors at this occasion is optional, but will be much appreciated.
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