Computer Scientist

With the Topic Analyst and CORPUS product family, CID provides an ecosystem for Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Search, Technology Monitoring as well as Patent Analysis. To support our products we provide continuous research in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Content Extraction, Information Presentation and Big Data Analysis. You are University graduate in computer science (a doctor’s degree is also welcome) as far as possible with focus on data analysis, neuro-informatics or artificial intelligence. You possess excellent knowledge in machine learning, especially in the fields of classification and clustering. This characterizes you as well as good knowledge in the area of text mining and experiences in programming of C#, Java or Python. Your readiness of mind as well as your analytical approach to different problems are reflected in your operations and you convince because of your distinctive ability to work in a team. Good spoken and written German and English complete your profile. Your responsibilities include the development of algorithms for the analysis of structured and unstructured data. Especially the combination of conventional data mining methods and existing NLP-algorithms represent an essential component of your work. You implement the prototypes of the drafted algorithms and transfer them to the excellently qualified development team.