In this track we will explore semantic tools and concepts that already work and what lays ahead and can be expected from legal technologies and its future delivery to lawyers, justice, corporates, legal departments and citizens. Join us for an exciting and challenging legal day at the Semantics conference.

The Road ahead

LegalTech - the special purpose application of IT to the legal domain - has recently stirred up interest inside and outside the legal community. Given that the level of digitisation in the legal domain is comparatively low, the widespread uptake and application of LegalTech - be it for legal professionals or ordinary citizens alike - might be tremendous. Especially, as more and more of these applications are backed by advanced language processing functionalities and artificial intelligence, questions arise about the impacts of legal technologies on the legal sector, its professional standards and service models. 

As language is the key tool of legal work, we decided to create a LegalTech Stream at the Semantics conference. With the input and expertise of our key speakers we will explore the next generation of legal technologies. We will discuss how principles and methodologies of semantic data processing will contribute to and influence the functional spectrum of LegalTech and how this might impact the sector as a whole - from legal professionals to lay people making better use of legal data, content and services.

Sophie Martinez and Tassilo Pellegrini
Legal Track Chairs

The Track

  Thursday, 13.09.2018 [preliminary]
10:15 - 11:15 Danube Suite 3
  The Road Ahead
  Sophie Martinetz

Stefan Stockinger

Legal/Head of Contracts & Projects at OMV


Andreas Blumauer

Semantic AI for Legal Experts - Semantic Web Company


Bertram Burtscher

Semantics as Lawyer, Freshfields
11:45 - 12:45 Danube Suite 3
  The Road Ahead
  Sophie Martinetz

Linda Andersson

The Essence of Patent Text Mining, TU Wien


Andreas Geyrecker

How to build a modern legal research database, LexisNexis Verlag ARD Orac GmbH & Co KG


Alexander Skribe

Limits and opportunities - Heinke Skribe & Partner
14:00 - 15:00 Danube Suite 3

Sophie Martinetz
15:05 - 16:05 Danube Suite 3
  Technology Spotlights
  Christian Dirschl

Benedict Whittam Smith

SPECIAL, Thomson Reuters


Eelco Kruizinga, Christian Sageder

Semantics to make compliance easy through Lynx - DNV GL, openlaws gmbh


Tassilo Pellegrini

DALICC - Data Licenses Clearance Center - University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten