Cross-Lingual Ontology Enrichment Based on Multi-Agent Architecture

Research & Innovation

The proliferation of ontologies and multilingual data available on the Web has motivated many researchers to con- tribute to multilingual and cross-lingual ontology enrichment. Cross-lingual ontology enrichment greatly facilitates ontology learning from multilingual text/ontologies in order to support collaborative ontology engineering process. This article proposes a cross-lingual ontology enrichment (CLOE) approach based on a multi-agent architecture in order to enrich ontologies from a multilingual text or ontology. This has several advantages: 1) an ontology is used to enrich another one, written in a different natural language, and 2) several ontologies could be enriched at the same time using a single chunk of text (Simultaneous Ontology Enrichment). A prototype for the proposed approach has been implemented in order to enrich several ontologies using English, Arabic and German text. Evaluation results are promising and showing that CLOE performs well in comparison with four state-of-the-art approaches.


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