The Data Market Austria Knowledge Graph


The amount of data available and produced every day is exploding – data has become an important raw material that is of high importance in nearly every industry sector worldwide. Therefore a vital data economy and a successfully working Data-Services Ecosystem in Austria is one of the factors to enable and ensure sustainable employment and growth and thereby societal stability and well-being.

The Data Market Austria (DMA) Project - a lighthouse project of the Austrian ministry for innovation (bmvit) - is creating a Data-Services Ecosystem for Austria by advancing technology foundations for secure data markets and cloud interoperability, and creating an environment encouraging data-centred innovation.

In the very center of DMA ecosystem there is the Data Market Austria (DMA) Knowledge Graph, a central semantic layer in the form of an interlinked semantic system of metadata, data, data services, organisations and users.

This Knowledge Graph is the enabler for powerful DMA services and features, as metadata mappings, data integration, search- and browse- and recommender feature for data and data-services beside others.

This talk will present the Data Market Austria, the DMA Knowledge Graph and will mainly focus on the features and services that the DMA semantic layer enables!


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