Deep Knowledge beats Deep Learning – Really Good News for Lawyers, the Endangered Species?


Machine Learning technologies have been used throughout the community and industry successfully for several years now. In this session we bring together technology experts and lawyers from different areas to discuss with us their digital success, experience, learnings and most especially vision for the future. Will deep knowledge (and along with it human-bound knowledge) crow over deep learning?

Christian Dirschl will give us a brief insight into his perspective before joining our discussion group in the fishbowl. Everybody in the audience is invited to bring his/her own views, experience and questions into this discussion by joining the fishbowl and address this  round directly. We are looking very much forward to a vivid, multi-view dialogue on „Deep Knowledge beats Deep Learning – Really Good News for Lawyers, the Endangered Species?”

About the Fishbowl Format

Fishbowl, an intimate discussion round with a large group of participants:

  • You want to actively participate with questions, answers or opinions? ➔ Go, join your fellow colleagues in the fishbowl.
  • You have said what you wanted, found what you were looking for? ➔ Leave the bowl emptying the seat for someone else eager to jump into the discussion. You listen again.


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