The dwerft Project - DBpedia and Linked Data for the Media Value Chain


Metadata plays an essential role in film and TV production as well as in the entire media value chain ranging from the idea of a script, followed by production planning, production and post-production, up to distribution and archival . Unfortunately, lots of information gets lost in the fragmented processes, especially when multiple companies are involved. Often, metadata  needs to be reconstructed manually at the end, which is an expensive and sometimes error prone task.  Dwerft, a national funded research initiative, aims to cope with this problem based on the deployment of Linked Data principles, resulting in Linked Production Data for the complete film and TV value chain. DBpedia serves as the reference data set in this huge data integration approach, and as such problems of synchronization, versioning, or access management have to be addressed on an industrial level to enable high efficiency. One of the many applications addressed in the course of the dwerft project are intelligent recommender services for movie recommendations as well as for advertisements and product recommendations based on Linked Production Data.