Enhancing Marine Industry Risk Management Through Semantic Reconciliation of Underwater IoT Data Streams

Research & Innovation

"The “Rio+20” United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) focused on the ""Green economy"" as the main concept to fight poverty and achieve a sustainable way to feed the planet. For coastal countries, this concept translates into ""Blue economy"", the sustainable exploitation of marine environments to fulfill humanity needs for resources, energy, and food. This puts a stress on marine industries to better articulate their processes to gain and share knowledge of different marine habitats, and to reevaluate the data value chains established in the past and to support a data fueled market that is going only to in the near future.
The EXPOSURES project is working in conjunction with the SUNRISE project to establish a new marine information ecosystem and demonstrate how the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) can be exploited for marine applications. In particular EXPOSURES engaged with the community of stakeholders in order to identify a new data value chain which includes IoT data providers, data analysts, and harbor authorities. Moreover we integrated the key technological assets that couple OGC standards for raster data management and manipulation and semantic technologies to better manage data assets.