Intelligent Information – Using meta data platforms to provide and improve the content of information portals in the machinery i


In the context of the IoT one of the current hypes of the (German) machine industry is to provide the content of technical documentation using so called content delivery portals to their customers and service technicians. Goal is to provide detailed, order-specific information directly to electronic devices. The scope goes from XML based technical documentation for user and service manuals over legacy BLOB data to spare part catalogues and CRM systems. No author can relate all this information manually – a consistent view and use is only possible if there is an overall and more or less harmonized meta data model which is integrated into or can be used by all source systems. Only then the user of the portal has access to really all information from different sources. So we create meta data platforms where we represent the company’s ontology. Directly - information units are part of the knowledge network - or with delivery processes into the connected systems we provide and relate meta data to content objects. Improvement for the portals arises from using relations between the meta data and with the capability to automate the generation of related content. We report based on two running projects.


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