Linked Data Management & Data Quality 1

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 16:00 to 17:30
Meeting Room 5


Semantic Roundtripping for internal Processes and cross-company Data Integration

This presentation shows the application of semantic technologies to company internal data sets. We are calling our approach “semantic roundtripping”. There are four specific aspects of this approach. First, we focus on semantic processing of XML data sets, using format preserving enrichment. Second, we are careful not to break existing XML based workflows.

Using the SANSA Stack on a 38 Billion Triple Ethereum Blockchain Dataset

SANSA is the first open source project that allows out of the box horizontally scalable analytics for large knowledge graphs. The talk will cover the main features of SANSA introducing its different layers namely, RDF, Query, Inference and Machine Learning. The talk also covers a large-scale Etherum blockchain use case at Alethio, a spinoff company of Consensys. 

Short Paper: LSAnE: Collaborative Validation and Enrichment of Heterogeneous Observation Streams

The increasing amount of publicly available data streams of environmental observation stations opens up new opportunities: do- main experts in the field of environmental observations are provided with extensive observations covering large areas with high density of environmental sensors, which could hardly ever be provided by a single organization. However, these opportunities come at the cost of new challenges regarding trustworthiness and comparability of such observations.