The best way to manage entities and relationships is with a multi-model database that combines the benefits of a document store and triple store. Documents are for entities. RDF triples are for relationships. This approach is proven to be faster and more effective than using a relational model (or using a document-only or triples-only approach). A multi-model database combines the benefits of two databases into one (e.g., document database and graph database, or Semantics) and provides a unified query interface. MarkLogic is a leading multi-model database that uses this approach, and it has been proven to be very effective for integrating data from silos. Customers are able to get the flexibility of a document model for their core data, while storing their metadata using RDF triples. This not only helps with integrating data faster and easier, it also improves data governance. Our elegant design allows you to easily ingest documents, triples, and relational data creating a unified, actionable 360 degree view. Now you can search and query all of your data in transactional apps, analytical apps, and other downstream systems. Inherently flexible, scalable, and agile.


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