Model-based database re-engineering for an extensive business intelligence system


In this presentation, we will show how a legacy relational database, used for a successful business application is efficiently replaced by a new and sustainable model, using semantic web technologies and model driven database engineering.
The IPG business application is a well-known product in the Polish market. It mainly consists of company information in a highly interrelated way. So e.g. people from management can be tracked on their professional journey from one company to another, shares and shareholders can be identified, etc. This application is extremely useful for Merger and Acquisition actions, litigations and also for criminal investigations, e.g. with respect to money laundering.
The IPG database schema has as many others evolved over the years and gained complexity due to new business requirements. Documentation and maintenance of the schema was never a priority, so finally nobody in the company fully understood it anymore. Instead of creating a new schema from scratch, we used DataChemist technology to semi-automatically create a new, documented and sustainable data model, which will probably replace the existing one in the coming months.


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