NLP & ML Researcher

With the Topic Analyst and CORPUS product family, CID provides an ecosystem for Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Search, Technology Monitoring as well as Patent Analysis. To support our products we provide continuous research in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Content Extraction, Information Presentation and Big Data Analysis. You hold a good or very good master’s degree (doctoral degree is a plus) in a relevant field, such as Computational Linguistics or Computer Science. You have a very good working knowledge of different Machine Learning methods in the context of Natural Language Processing. In particular, you should be familiar with the use of noisy, unstructured training data in different languages. Furthermore, you have good software development skills – preferably in Python - in the described context. Good spoken and written German and English complete your profile. Your responsibilities will include continuous monitoring of scientific developments in order to extend and improve features of our language technology products in different areas, such as Part of Speech Tagging, Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation, Word Sense Disambiguation and Sentiment Analysis. You will be evaluating suitable methods and algorithms (with a focus on Machine Learning), fine-tuning them and adapting them to the requirements of the task in hand. After the prototypical implementation of these algorithms, you will support our software developers during the integration into our products