Opening Session

Opening by Elmar Kiesling, TU Wien and Tassilo Pellegrini, UAS St. Pölten

Monday, September 10, 2018 - 09:15 to 10:45
EI 7
Sebastian Hellmann


Linked Open Data cloud - act now before it's too late

Ten years into Linked Data there are still many unresolved challenges towards arriving at a truly machine-readable and decentralized stage that would make the promised vision of a Web of Data come true. In this talk we will review the current state of affairs and highlight the key technical and non-technical challenges to the success of LOD. Finally, we will outline potential solution strategies.

Dealing with open domain data.

In this presentation, I will show through a number of examples how Linked Open Data, and especially DBpedia, have contributed to AI by making it possible to create intelligent, open domain applications, i.e. applications which do not have a fixed domain, or for which this domain is not known in advance. This was made evident through a number of high profile applications (e.g. IBM Watson), but is also now being used for a wide variety of cases, including when having to process streams of ill-described content not restricted to a specific application domain.