The bigger Picture of Digital Change – Going to bed as an industry, waking up as a software company

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 09:00 to 12:30
Seminarraum 125

Organizers: Prof.(FH) Dr. Markus G. Tauber, Fachhochschule Burgenland


Digitization and Industry 4.0 introduce a new level of manufacturing processes. It provides information exchanges that allow controlled machines to act autonomously and intelligently in order to deliver greater flexibility and customized products. The advanced features of Industry 4.0 bring new challenges in terms of design and security. Key technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), System of Systems (SoS), Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Cloud Computing and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) already exist.  The challenges ahead are beyond technical interoperability.

Digitization affects not only the production area but the entire value chain, i.e., from initial design and engineering to supply chain, manufacturing, sales, delivery, services and support functions, including Human Resources. Due to their distributed nature and the heterogeneity in the involved stakeholders it is important that multi-disciplinary topics including, privacy, techno-legal and techno-social are investigated. This requires a consistent definition of organizational, legal and governance issues regardless of the role of the stakeholder.


The University of Applied Sciences Burgenland (Fachhochschule Burgenland) addresses this in its Master Program Cloud Computing Engineering. Engineers and managers are trained how to orchestrate the diverse areas of applications around cloud technologies and Internet of Things (IoT), including the technical building blocks of digitization. They do this from a technical, organizational and legal point of view. Researchers in the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland also work on these topics in several national and H2020 research projects with the results published in prestigious conferences and other outlets, for example [1], [2], [3],[4].

Technology has moved from a predominantly manufacturing and support function into the whole delivery process of both products and the service industry. This means that it is increasingly important for our technology students to understand the whole business process as they are now an integral part of strategy development and its delivery. It now forms an integral part of the Cloud Computing Engineering program.


We will organize a workshop and panel discussion with experts from various multi-disciplinary domains in both technology and business to discuss their view on how they need to interact with each other in order to guarantee optimal digital transformation within and across business operations.

As output, we anticipate a set of recommendations from the different domains to show how they can be interlinked with each other and the key requirements in the individual phases. These include strategy, logistics, distribution, customer service, infrastructure, facility services and the circular economy. This discussion will lead to potential improvements, as well as new requirements and how the individual domains could further collaborate.

1st session:

Every technology company is a software company. The reason CIOs and CTOs will become the new CEOs.

Welcome and Introduction by Markus Tauber

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr Reg Butterfield
  • Leo Obermaier, MBA, MSc

2nd session:

Why managers can’t sue machines. Going to bed as an industry, waking up as a software company

Panel Discussion with participants focusing on industry, business, privacy/public awareness, engineering, legal and scientific/educational points of view.

  • Mag. Martina Morell
  • Dr. Reg Butterfield
  • Leo Obermeier, MBA, MSc
  • Prof.(FH) DI Dr. Robert Matzinger
  • Prof.(FH) Dr. Markus Tauber
  • Mag. Georg Markus Kainz
  • Mag. Árpád Geréd

Bios of Panel Participants

Mag. Martina Morell (Moderation)

With over 15 years of experience as a trainer and consultant for international businesses she supports companies to meet the challenging demands of the digital area and to unleash the organisation’s creativity and innovation. She is working with different companies to prepare their leaders and staff members for the upcoming challenges and helps them to see and be ready for the market’s needs. Together with her understanding of psychology and group dynamics that makes her a valued coach for top and middle managers. She is also a qualified and registered mediator pursuant to the Austrian Federal Act on Mediation in Civil Law. She gained her MSc in International Business Administration from University of Vienna and enjoyed one year at University of California Berkeley.

Dr Reg Butterfield or Reg Butterfield DMS, MBA, Ph.D., Cmgr, FCMI

An international management consultant and futurist focussing on the people side of business and strategy. University lecturer and researcher with an emphasis on the impact of technology on business operations and people. Currently researching and writing a book on ‘future-proof organisations’ - the move from traditional change management to managing emergent change as part of the daily business.

Leo Obermeier, MBA, MSc

Leopold Obermeier has been working in the IT industry since 1985. Since 2015, he has been working as a Senior Service Consultant at Fujitsu, a global provider of IT solutions with 160,000 employees worldwide. As a Senior Consultant, he advises customers on the planning and implementation of solutions based on the Fujitsu Cloud Framework MetaArc. He is also co-founder of EuroCloud.Austria and Lecturer at FH Burgenland for the Master of Science in Cloud Computing Engineering studies.

Prof.(FH) DI Dr. Robert Matzinger

A developer, computer scientist, IT professional and long term IT enthusiast with a background in theoretical computer science, having been engaged in a number of IT jobs from doing research in formal logics, design of programming languages, etc. on to freelancing for various internet and sysadmin related tasks. Now for many years working as a full time teacher, staff member and open source promotor for the University of Applied Science Burgenland teaching a long list of lectures from math, programming, multimedia tech, on to virtualization, blockchains, etc. Projects and further interests: open source (as said), IT-security, containers and orchestration, privacy, blockchain and smart contract applications and more.

Prof.(FH) Dr. Markus G. Tauber

A scholar and researcher with international experience in the area of networks and distributed systems with a focus on the engineering side of digitization. He has published more than 40 peer-reviewed articles on above topics. Organizations he was working for include the Austrian Institute of Technology,, and the University of St Andrews. Markus currently works at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland where he is setting up the master’s program Cloud Computing Engineering and the Research Center – Cloud and CPS Security.

Mag. Georg Markus Kainz

Mag. Georg Markus Kainz is the President of quintessenz - NGO for the restoration of civil rights in the information age. After his studies he entered professional life at the Northwest Zeitung, Oldenburg. He was later delegated to the Märkische Allgemeine in Potsdam. The Holtzbrinck Publishing Group appointed him to the Südkurier, Konstanz for designing, conceptualizing and establishing an IT infrastructure for the advertising department. At the time the German telekom started their internet branch he became responsible for the content business of T-Online. Today CEO of an Austrian Internet Service Provider, with a focus on e-commerce and content distribution. Board member of the "Linuxwochen Austria" and President of "quintessenz", the event organizer of the "Austrian Big Brother Awards".

Mag. Árpád Geréd

Árpád Geréd is an international IT-lawyer and founding partner of Viennese business law firm Maybach Görg Lenneis Geréd Rechtsanwälte GmbH. Before, he was partner at a renowned law firm in Vienna and in-house-counsel to a leading international ICT-enterprise. Árpád has specialized in consultation in and negotiating of technology-related deals, with a strong focus on Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and Data Protection. Since 2017, Árpád acts as President of the Commission for Intellectual Property, Technology, Media and Telecommunications (IP/TMT) of the AIJA, the most important international association devoted to lawyers and inhouse counsel aged 45 and under. Beyond that he is a member of the board of various technology-associations. His more recent accolades include “Lawyer of the Year – Cyber Security & Data Privacy Law”, “Information Technology Lawyer of the Year” and “IT Law Firm of the Year in Austria”.


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