Build a semantic search and discovery hub in under 3 hours

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 13:30 to 17:30
Seminarraum 125

Organized by: Jen Shorten, Edward Thomas, MarkLogic and Albin Ahmeti Semantic Web Company


Data integration is time consuming and difficult right? What if you could take unstructured data, enrich it and combine in with structured and semantic data to build a working semantic search and discovery hub in under 3 hours? In this hands on workshop participants will build a semantic data hub combining structured, unstructured and semantic data in a single application using PoolParty and the MarkLogic Database. At the end of the workshop participants will have a working semantic data hub and a good introduction to working with both technologies.


Data integration is a major theme across industries, academia, government, etc. Organisations of all kinds have realised that there is tremendous value in the data they create, collect and hold. But it’s more than likely spread across silos and stored in relational data models and/or documents. And this proliferation of silos means that all data integration projects involve data in multiple shapes and sizes.

Semantics is becoming increasingly popular for simplifying the complicated integration processes such as, data harmonisation, mastering and discovery. But just as most organisations cannot convert all of their data to a fixed relational schema, nor can they turn all of their data into RDF. A multi-model approach where data of varying formats can be combined lowers the barrier to entry for introducing semantic technologies into these organisations.

A second challenge to successful data integration is the lack of good metadata in legacy content. The idea of manually re-classifying legacy content is an almost insurmountable obstacle for most organisations. Content enrichment and semantics are often the most effective solution to this problem.

In this workshop we will show you how to overcome these obstacles only using 2 pieces of software PoolParty and MarkLogic.
This is hands on session. Participants should bring their laptops to the session. All software and data will be provided on thumb drives.

  1. Short introduction to PoolParty and MarkLogic
  2. Overview of the semantic data hub design pattern 3. Software installation and setup
  3. Ingest data from several sources into MarkLogic 9. Enrich unstructured data using PoolParty
  4. Build a semantic search application

Participants will leave the workshop with a working semantic data hub application, the MarkLogic DBMS and ODH Framework code.

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