OLGA an Ontology SDK

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 09:00 to 12:30
EI 11 Geodäsie HS

Organized by: Charbel El Kaed, Business Architect at Schneider Electric.


  1. Visual Studio 2017 installed download, you can select community version.
  2. A Java Virtual Machine (version > 1.8) download JVM 1.8
  3. Maven with M2_HOME must be set as an environment variable name
  4. Protégé is an open source ontology editor provided by Stanford University. download Protégé.
  5. Stardog DB, we choose Stardog, other stores (can be used but not tested). download Stardog Community
  6. .Net SDK for C# libraries build.
  7. C# minimum coding skills or equivalent.


The Internet of Things promises several exciting opportunities and added value services in several industrial contexts. Such opportunities are enabled by the interconnectivity and cooperation between various things. However, these promises are still facing the interoperability challenge.

Semantic technology and linked data are well positioned to tackle the heterogeneity problem. Several efforts contributed to the development of ontology editors and tools for storing and querying linked data.

However, despite the potential and the promises, semantic technology remains in the hands of the few, a minority of experts. In this paper, we propose a model driven methodology and a software module (OLGA) that completes existing ontology development libraries and frameworks to accelerate the adoption of ontology-based IoT application development.

In this training, we will do the following steps:

  1. Take a simple IoT ontology OWL file
  2. Provide OLGA with the OWL file to generate C# library
  3. Use the generated library to instantiate the ontology from 1)
  4. Use the generated library to store the instances in an ontology DB (Stardog)
  5. Write LINQ like queries to query the instances from the ontology DB
  6. Rely on Inference to extract additional information from the ontology DB.

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