Semantic Web: Ontological Search Approach

Poster & Demo

The demonstrator provides a novel semantic search approach for a business-to-business (B2B) platform. Users can search through product and ser-vice catalogues, manage orders, and trace the progress of order fulfillment. A network of ontologies annotates the product catalogues and related knowledge from multiple domains. The latter resides in a Triple Store. Platform users typi-cally do not know the internal structure of the ontology network. They cannot search through its resources quickly and unambiguously, for this reason. We pro-vide web interfaces to support platform user in exploring the ontology network quickly and precisely to find the needed information. The demonstrator creates SPARQL queries dynamically from user interactions, such as clicking and typing keywords. It has two search modes that apply product taxonomies, filters and joins. The user does not have to using SPARQL directly. The demonstrator shows the semantic product search based on a furniture ontology.


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