Semantics to make compliance easy through Lynx


DNV GL and Openlaws are in the business of helping organisations to be compliant with regulations, rules, standards and best practices (DNV GL in the energy sector, and Openlaws by providing tools for legal knowledge management).

For both organisations it is essential to keep track of applicability conditions and changes in compliance requirements. This is a non-trivial task, as e.g. statements across documents are interlinked, requirements are conditional upon each other, may vary in their strictness and can be written in multiple languages. Therefore, a business differentiator would be offered through better navigation and interpretation of potentially large volumes of compliance requirements, written in and across a multitude of documents residing with various sources and subject to their own change regimes.

By participating in the Lynx project, DNV GL and Openlaws are developing better tools to address this problem. The Lynx initiative is creating a web-based semantics platform with various functionalities to create a regulatory, multilingual knowledge graph, by extracting concepts from regulatory texts and interlinking these concepts, so that indeed navigation and interpretation is facilitated. Various use cases are addressed, including compliance support for geothermal projects, CE product marking and GDPR issue management.


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