Slovpedia– A Database of Slovakian Linked Open (Government) Data


Slovpedia ( is a database that contains linked open data acquired and processed from various slovakian public open data sources. It is possible to search for a company, public service, place or any other entity and then explore its properties and relationships. Slovpedia provides text search as well as visual graph based search. The long-term goal of Slovpedia is to 1) develop new search service 2) provide linked data and related services appropriate for the Digital Single Market, 3) present an implementation of linked data based egovernment (interoperability, reference data, once and only principle) 4) provide and use data from European Dataportal, DBPedia and others, and also 5) to provide linked open data for transparency purposes. Slovpedia data conforms to the Slovakian Semantic Interoperability Framework, that is implementation of EIF (European Interoperability Framework). All datasets loaded into Slovpedia, i.e. LOD Slovakia 2018/06 (#Graph4Jan) - are available for download under the CC0 license.  


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