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Ali KhaliliKlaas Andries de Graaf is a Web-based OpenCourseWare (OCW) authoring system that enables educators and learners to collaborate on creating, sharing, re-using and re-purposing multi-lingual open educational content.

Florian KleedorferFabian SudaMaximilian StolzeChristian Huemer

Matchmaking and cooperation are interactions widely available within internet-based platforms. However, to start using such functionality, one must first become a member of the platform.

Axel PolleresErwin FiltzSabrina Kirrane

In recent years, the European Union has been working towards harmonizing legislation thus allowing for easier cross-border access to, exchange and reuse of legal information.

Bernd-Peter IvanschitzThomas J. LampoltshammerVictor MirelesArtem RevenkoSven SchlarbLőrinc Thurnay

The Data Market Austria (DMA) is an ecosystem of federated data and service infrastructures. It aims at making data from various data providers accessible and interoperable by allowing the submission, storage, management and dissemination of static datasets or streaming data services.

Anne-Laure JousselmeElena CamossiMaximilian Zocholl

It exploits domain and inter-domain specific restrictions on the factor combinations in order to select from the very large number of possible experiments a representative subset.

Jack VerhooselBarry Nouwt

In this paper, we investigate the challenge of integrating heterogeneous, dis-tributed data sources using semantic technologies to enable the answering of complex user queries on the combination of available data. Our solution uses a common OWL ontology that contains the concepts that represent the data in all the distributed sources providing maximum querying flexibility towards the user.

Anna FenselAxel PolleresGiray HavurOleksandra PanasiukSabrina KirraneSimon SteyskalTassilo PellegriniThomas ThurnerVictor Mireles

In this paper we introduce the Data Licenses Clearance Center, which provides a library of machine readable standard licenses and allows users to compose arbitrary licenses. In addition, the system supports the clearance of rights issues by providing users with information about the equivalence, similarity and compatibility of licenses.

Maria TheodoridouTheodore PatkosVangelis KritsotakisYannis Roussakis

We present A-QuB, a platform that facilitates the exploration, discovery and management of semantic metadata. A-QuB incorporates a multitude of features on top of an intuitive and user friendly environment, in order for both novice and expert users to execute complex queries.


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