The Road Ahead

Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 11:45 to 12:45
Danube Suite 3
Sophie Martinetz


Essence of Patent Text Mining

In order to create support tools for patent experts, we need to understand their daily work tasks, as well as, the linguistic character of the text genre. In the patent domain, all types of issues are accentuated from specific search requirements to the characteristic of the text domain. These include complex linguistic features in terms of paraphrasing, long sentences, domain-specific terminology, acronym diversity, etc.

Aspects of intelligent Legal Research Solutions - the evolution of Semantic Search in the Legal domain

The Legal domain is complex in terms of underlying texts and language, amount of data and frequency of changes. Therefore, the process of designing a legal research solution becomes a more and more challenging task.

The talk will cover the main building blocks of a state-of-the-art legal research application and its underlying semantic aspects as well as future possibilities of legal search – with the aim of making legal information retrieval smarter.

Limits and opportunities