Semantic AI

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 10:30 to 12:00
Grandwaterfront Hall


Six Core Aspects of Semantic AI

In this talk I will introduce and set a focus on a hybrid approach called ‘Semantic AI’, which makes use of machine learning like most contemporary AI efforts, but in combination with natural language processing and semantic technologies. We will discuss why enterprises need AI Governance, and how Semantic AI differs from other frameworks in this respect.

The Contradiction Bot - retrieving new insights from a vast amount of information

Specifically trained bots - driven by Semantic Analytics and Artifical Intelligence  - can identify substantial contradictions and other inconsistencies within tons of structured and unstructured data.

Using a Semantic Simulation Framework for Teaching Machine Learning Agents

Autonomous virtual agents that operate in complex IoT environ- ments face two fundamental challenges: (i) they usually lack su - cient start-up knowledge and (ii) hence are incapable to adequately adjust their internal knowledge base and decision-making policies during runtime to meet speci c user requirements and preferences.