Amsterdam is waiting for you!

March 14, 2017 by Thomas Thurner

We are proud to announce that the 13th edition of the SEMANTiCS, which is a well-known platform for professionals and researchers who make semantic computing work, will be held in the city of Amsterdam from  September 11th till 14th. The event is hosted by the   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is supported by  St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences  and the  Semantic Web Company.

In the recent years,  Linked Data and the Semantic Web were put onto the agenda of many Amsterdam' organization. Museums, the media, industry, research and also civil society envisioned the future of a   Data Driven City and initiate dozens of innovative Lighthouse projects - and linked data and the semantic web was given a  significant role there.  So by visiting SEMANTiCS 2017,  you can be assured to be touched by the innovative spirit driving  Amsterdam.

Speaking of passion. The success of last years’ SEMANTiCS conference in Leipzig with more than 270 attendees from 30 countries proves that SEMANTiCS is the place where you meet the crowd.  Our program is currently still under construction, yet today we can already reveal so much: Besides keynotes by world-class practitioners, presentations and field reports in diverse tracks, talks addressing a variety of topics, and panel discussions, we have put a focus on industry and research relevant talks coming from Data Science, for which we introduce a dedicated track.  Expect a fully packed 2-days conference framed by workshops and the   DBpedia   Community Meeting  to a 4-days experience in one of the most dynamic cities in Europe.

Program updates will follow very soon, so follow us on  facebook,  twitter and visit our  website  for the latest news.