How to integrate your silos and command your Data! - Gold Sponsor eccenca GmbH

April 29, 2016

From the automotive to the financial sector linked data based solutions have become an important means to deal with the ever growing stream of data.

Under the banner “Command Your Data!”, the linked and big data technology leader eccenca has been a major contributor to the advancement of semantic technologies for many years.

Among others blue chip organizations like VW, BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Continental, Deutsche Telekom or Bosch come to grips with their data using eccenca`s solutions.

eccenca is strongly involved in the field of cutting edge semantic research, cooperating with Universities such as the University  of Leipzig, research institutes like InfAI and Fraunhofer IAIS as well as many different industry partners throughout all of Europe.

Furthermore, eccenca is a leader in the Linked Enterprise Data Services (LEDS) lighthouse project through its parent company brox IT-Solutions GmbH.

With its eccenca Linked Data Suite (eLDS) the Leipzig based company provides capabilities to integrate, disambiguate, link, manage and scale petabytes of data from disparate sources. Thus providing a centralized access point to all types of internal and external data that can be virtually integrated and analyzed to efficiently provide dependable reports and answers to complex questions that previously could not be answered at all.

Hans Christian Brockmann CEO/Eccenca

“It is key to eliminate data silos as well as any data ambiguity by virtualizing data sources and aligning data meaning. This is the only way that we can reduce cost, increase timeliness and dependability of big data analytics”, Hans-Christian Brockmann, CEO of eccenca, explains the technology provider’s philosophy.

As a Gold Sponsor of this year’s SEMANTiCS conference, eccenca GmbH will be present at the conference with a booth showcasing the LEDS project as well as best-practices from the financial and automotive sector.

eccenca is also looking forward to getting in touch with future graduates and young professionals.